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More Customer Projects

Here are a few more photo's of our customers completed projects.


Joe and Bill  with there Mick Reeves 1/4 Scale Spitfires (Mains Retracts and Tail Strut)

Dan Steven's 1/5 Scale Bates Buffalo  -  30lbs. ( Main Retracts )

Ken from Australia -  1/3 Scale Russian LA-9  85 Lbs.  - Custom Main Retracts

Todd's Jerry Bates P-40B with Vic's Fiberglass Fuse (Mains Retracts)

Pedro Sanchez's  Ziroli P-40  34lbs. -  Mains and Wheels

Dave's Top Flight P-40 with our 60 Size Rotators

Top Flight GS P-51 84" WS 24lbs. - Scale Mains & Tail Retract


Kerry Sterner's 1/5 Scale Top Gun Turbine Vampire

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