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Tail Wheel Retract & Forks


Photo of Scale Ziroli Skyraider Tail Retract &  Bates/Ziroli Hellcat & Bearcat Tail Retract


Photo of retracts with optional offset fork.              Optional Air Cylinder and Bracket


Photo of Scale Sea Fury Fork and P-51, P-40, P-47 Tail Wheel Retract (This Unit comes with the Air Cylinder and Offset Fork)


Photo of the Bates Yak-3 Tail Retract                                           Photo of the Bates P-40 Tail Retract - TWR-2

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Can be set up as Pull-Pull or Push-Pull Steering. (Comes with both arms.)
[Bullet] All Aluminum Construction for Long Life.( All Models )
[Bullet] Optional Air Cylinder with Mounting Bracket for TWR-2.
[Bullet] Designed for 2" to 3-1/4" Tail Wheels. ( All Models )

Description and Pricing

Part Descriptions Part # Price
Tail/Nose Retract without Fork TWR-1 $90.00
80" P-40 Tail Retract TWR-2 $110.00
1/5 Hellcat/Bearcat Tail Retract TWR-3 $150.00
2" to 3" Offset Fork OSF-1 $30.00
3" to 3-1/4" Offset Fork OSF-2 $35.00
1/6 Scale Sea Fury/Hurricane Tail Fork SFTF-1 $75.00
1/5 Scale Sea Fury/Hurricane Tail Fork SFTF-2 $90.00
1/4 Scale Sea Fury Tail Fork SFTF-3 $120.00
Scale P-51, P40, P47 Tail Retract TW-3 $155.00
Ziroli Skyraider Tail Retract TW-4 $150.00
Jerry Bates YAK-3 Tail Retract YAK-3 $150.00
Optional Air Cylinder TWC-1 $25.00

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