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FW-190 Retracts

1/4 & 1/5 Scale Main Gear with Down Lock.

Vailly/Smith/AirWorld Scale Tail Wheel Retract with 3" Wheel Shown.

Sist, Platt Models 1/5 Scale FW190 Tail Retract


Key Benefits

[Bullet] Scale Retract Angles with Functional Down Lock.
[Bullet] 7/8"  Lower Oleo Travel.
[Bullet] 1/4.5 Scale Designed for the Vailly Aviation FW-190 
[Bullet] 1/3.7 Scale (Check for Availability)

Description and Pricing

Part Description

Part #

Plans Price
Set of Scale Door Collars (6) FW190 Collars Vailly, Smith, AirWorld $40.00
Set of Scale Door Collars (6) FW190 Collars SisT Modell $35.00
1/5 Scale Tail Wheel Retract 1/5 FW-Tail SisT Modell, Holman, Platt $135.00
1/4.5 Scale Tail Wheel Retract 1/4.5 FW-Tail Vailly, Smith, Airworld $170.00
1/3.7 Scale Tail Wheel Retract 1/3.7 FW-Tail Enlarged Vailly FW-190 $210.00
1/5 Scale FW-190 Retracts 1/5 FW-190 SisT Modell, Holman, Platt $545.00
1/4.5 Scale FW-190 Retracts 1/4.5 FW-190 Vailly, Smith $650.00
1/4 Scale FW190 Retracts 1/4 FW-190 AirWorld, Meister $700.00
1/3.7 Scale FW-190 Retracts 1/3.7 FW-190 Enlarged Vailly $920.00

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