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Basic Steerable Nose Struts

Steering Nose Strut Shown.


Sizes from 2-1/2" Wheel to  7" wheels. From 8 lb. up to 120lb. Planes.


Key Benefits

[Bullet] Oleo Action with Adjustable Spring Load. Tork Links Can Be Added if Required.
[Bullet] Designed to fit Non Retractable Nose Gear Planes.
[Bullet] Bronze Bushings for Long Life. 
[Bullet] Push Pull Steering Arm with Adjustable Pivot Clamps.
[Bullet] Stock, Ready for Immediate Shipment.

Description and Pricing

Part Description

Part #

7/16" Diameter Nose Strut 7/16" Nose Strut $80.00
1/2" Diameter Nose Strut 1/2" Nose Strut $95.00
5/8" Diameter Nose Strut 5/8" Nose Strut $100.00
3/4" Diameter Nose Strut 3/4" Nose Strut $250.00
1" Diameter Nose Strut 1" Nose Strut CALL
Additional Tork Links Tork Links CALL

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