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Scale Hostetler Tri-Pacer, 206, 182,172,152 Nose Struts

Our New Scale Strut for Wendell Hostetler Plans

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Nose Gear Designed for the Hostetler Plans.
[Bullet] Designed to fit 3.5" to 4" Scale Wheels. 
          [Bullet] Wheels Included Except for Tri-Pacer.
[Bullet] Limited Runs will be Available

Description and Pricing

Part Description

Part #

Tri-Pacer Nose & Mains Wheels with Hubs 5-5/8 Tri-Pacer $40.00
Hostetler Tri-Pacer Nose Strut Complete Tri-Pacer Strut $280.00
Hostetler 206 Nose Strut w/Mounting Block 206 Nose Strut $270.00
Hostetler 182 Nose Strut w/Mounting Block 182 Nose Strut $270.00
Hostetler 172 Nose Strut w/Mounting Block 172 Nose Strut $270.00
Hostetler 152 Nose Strut w/Mounting Block 152 Nose Strut $270.00
Hostetler Tri-Pacer Fiberglass Cowl WH-16 $85.00

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